Your Child Is a Wimp!

Don’t blame me, I’m calling it like I see it! I don’t place all the blame on you either, it’s the socialization in the new politically correct society in which we live.

Kid’s now play ball where they no longer keep score so everybody is a winner, parent’s pamper their children so much that most kids think their parents are their friends and the first sign of a bully requires contact with the family attorney.

Of course we have to continue telling our children how wonderful they are to the extent that when they are met with adversity, we haul them off to a psychologist to get medication to ease the pain.

You know it’s true, we’re raising a society of wimps!

Sure I’ll be written off as someone that is too hard on my own children, but reality is that life will be full of adversity and I want them ready to face it.

I’m not saying that violence is always the right answer, but I gained more confidence from standing up to a bully then I have anything else.

Growing up in Southwest Florida with the last name Barefoot and being smaller than most kids was bad enough, but having Coke bottle glasses didn’t help either! I wasn’t just little, I was a target!

I now contribute the will to succeed when faced with great adversity to all those ball games that we lost (I hate to lose), all those bullies who never let up on me (But I stood up to) and parents that were willing to tell me when I was being dumb (They even called me dumb).

I know you love your babies, I love mine. However, I love them enough to train them to understand that life will get tough one day. They will either stand up and succeed or wait for dad to come and fight their battles.

Unfortunately dad will not always be here. If we continue going in the direction we are headed, we’ll arrive at a highly sensitive generation that requires a daily dose of meds.


I’m a Bigot….Who Knew?

One thing I’m starting to learn as other people begin to force their will on me is that if I oppose them, I’m the bigot.

I was just called one by a young lady on Franklin Graham’s Facebook page because I refuse to support integrating bathrooms based on someones chosen gender.

It’s true, I’m a man and I admit that I cannot fathom wanting to be anything else. I’ve always been attracted to the beauty that God created when He chose to take a rib out of Adam and make a woman.

I’m a minister of the Gospel, a message of hope through repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Yes, I believe the Bible, the whole Bible is an instructional manual for life.

I believe salvation brings forth transformation in which we are able to become fully sanctified with a desire to turn away from all sin. Isn’t the argument that we should go and minister as Jesus did to the sinners? Yes, but Jesus left them with their lives changed!

If I say homosexuality is a sin, I’m a bigot. If I say marriage should be between a man and a woman, I’m a bigot. If I say that I can’t identify with a person or understand someone who wants to change their gender, I’m a bigot.

Facts are this, if you want to be gay, be gay. If you want to change your gender, do it. I’m not going to try to stop you on any of those. It’s your life, but quit trying to force me to approve of it and participate in it.

The young lady who just called me a bigot said that my rights aren’t being violated in the NC Public Bathroom debate. She said, “If you don’t want to use public bathrooms, then don’t.”

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Yet, who helped pay for that bathroom? I DID! Doesn’t it mean that me or my family should be able to use it in a way that doesn’t violate my constitutional freedom of religious activity?

Ah yes, but such thoughts are bigotry and according to my opposition, makes me no better than the destructive prejudice against a race of people in the 50’s and 60’s.

Of course I think it is absurd to compare race and sexuality. People do not choose what color they are and I would think that would be offensive to most minorities. Unfortunately that makes me a bigot as well.

Someone asked me was tolerance better than opposition. I haven’t rioted, boycotted or even written my congressman. I’ve stood back and let the American system decide what was right and I’m living with their decision.

I understand Scripture and I understand that Jesus said He didn’t come for peace, He came as a sword and His truth would divide people. But then again, I guess that makes me a bigot.

What I’ve learned is I’m a bigot….Who knew?

When the Toilet Overflows…

At my house I have an 11 year old with an affinity for stopping up the toilet.  It never fails that I’ve just had my shower when I hear the dreaded words from my wife, “nope, I’m not doing it this time.  RON!”

If you’ve ever had a similar encounter you know that the toilet is full of a few things that you absolutely do not want to run on the floor.  If it does, it takes hours to clean it all up.  Who knew that bathrooms would ever be so controversial?

Right now in my beloved home state of North Carolina, the general assembly has been called back in for an emergency session.  Emergency because the Mayor of Charlotte has decided to allow people who chose to be “transgender” to choose which restroom they want to use.

It all sounds like people keep throwing on the idea of political correctness to the point that everyone appears scared to speak their minds.  I know this:  You keep throwing it on without flushing and somewhere at sometime, it will overflow.

I truly believe American society is at the brink of overflowing.  I heard one of the national news broadcasters pronounce that America is on the brink of revolution.  Think about it, we’ve had homosexual marriage forced down our throats and now transgenderism.

First and foremost, I don’t hate anyone.  I actually care about them enough to tell them that sin will lead to eternal punishment.  But I’m tired of having my own beliefs trampled on.

When will somebody step up and tell the leftist agenda to stop comparing homosexual behavior and transgenderism to the struggle that many minorities faced in this nation.  If I was a minority it would infuriate me!

Where’s the church in all of this?  Quiet as usual!  Oh, we’ll let our politicians to decide it for us, just like they’ve decided everything else.

Truth be told, the trash is mounting up and it’s stopping up our moral system.  God is gone from most anything and we have a National Leader that declares us all homophobic or bigots for our religious beliefs.

Unfortunately the church remains in hiding, scared to hurt anyone and afraid that growth in the body and the checking account will stop.  Where are the people willing to march and protest you might ask?  Scared of their jobs and livelihood of course!

Bottom line is this:  If we are nothing more than trash stacked in the bowl, we will be flushed with the rest.

Racial Justice!

The first road to ensuring we end at justice is first admitting there’s a problem.  Racial prejudice still exists everywhere, whether we like it or not!

Four years ago I went to a local hardware store with a Hispanic brother of mine who was doing some electrical work at our church.  I was filthy from working all day, we had to look like the odd couple.

When we tried to buy some canned lights that had been laying open on the shelf, the Associate Manager came and acted like we were up to something.  He denied selling us the lights and treated us like second class citizens.

He had no idea who I was and that there are a lot of people who respect me and rely on my spiritual wisdom for guidance.  What he saw was a dirty “white guy with a Mexican.”  I’ve rarely felt sensitive to bigotry before, but this time I could really feel it.

This past week it happened again.  A young-black male was shot by a white police officer.    At least that’s the description the media portrays.  I’m not saying it may not be sufficient, I’m simply saying such a description skews justice before it is ever achieved.

The smoke hadn’t cleared from the officers gun before two sides emerged proclaiming guilt and innocence based on nothing more than the color of each person’s skin.

I have to be honest, whenever I see the NAACP get involved in anything I become skeptical because of their preconceived agenda.  The same is true for any other organization that rides to the officer’s defense without any information as to his innocence.

I believe this, before we can stamp out racial prejudice, we must first admit it exists.  We’ve got to dig deep into our own souls and ask God to purge us of such bigotry.

Once we do, we’ve got to find a way to sit down with others that aren’t like us and hear their concerns, fears and desires.  I may be wrong, but I really believe that if we will listen without bias, we’ll realize that the majority of us want the same things.

Instead of allowing our prejudices to form opinions of guilt, we should all come together (black, white, brown, yellow) and pray that justice prevails for all those involved.  We should ask God to help us all (all sides) to overcome our biases and that through the blood shed on Calvary, this world might be saved.

We should not want racial justice, we should desire justice!




Conservatism and Christianity

You all will have to forgive me!  I’m a simple kind of guy that would rather trade big words for logical thinking.  I also believe that logic, when applied with common sense, is a simple process of figuring things out.

To me there is a form of logic in this country that has become dangerous.  It is the ideology that because some conservatives share similar values with Christianity, they must be Christians.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The problem has become so great it has infiltrated Christian thinking and now most Christians have become so diluted that they too believe Christianity and Conservatism go hand in hand.

My justification for such a charge?  In 2012 when Mitt Romney ran for President I was told by many Christians I held in high regard, “we are voting for a President, not a Pastor.”  My problem with the scenario was that Romney was Mormon.

My seminary training, the Evangelical Society and a host of other intelligent-Christian organizations once considered Mormonism a cult.  Christians fell for the theme of the event when they declared they would vote for Romney because of his conservative values.

Fast forward to our current election and now we have the same people who marched to the polling booth for Romney declaring they would not vote for the current front runner because of his lack of Conservatism.

Heck, now they are declaring their personal choice candidate as better because he’s the Christian!  The image being displayed by the Church and their voting practices is quite confusing.

Think about their logic.  We are to vote for the candidate that corresponds the most with our Christian values, yet they will vote for a Mormon because he is conservative.  Ultimately this leads us to conclude that Conservatism and Christianity are similar.

My argument is that God is an Authoritarian ruler and the simple process of voting among humans have destroyed the very faith that the outcome will be the one God chooses.  The disciples cast lots to decide who would replace Judas!

Nothing in American politics can be really considered Christian.  To me you are left with choosing between the lesser of the two evils



There’s Fight In That Dog…

Everyone loves to use the cliche’, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  Why wouldn’t they want to use it?  There is a lot of truth in that statement.

I’ve been studying King David and his triumphant over Goliath to get some insight for a book I’m planning to write.  David was deemed the underdog next to the giant.  Yet he had something the giant did not….heart!

You know it’s true!  The person who is playing or fighting with the most heart is typically the most dangerous.

I remember being little and my two uncles sending one of the neighborhood bullies into the back yard to see if I would stand up to him.  I was scared of this kid!  Maybe that is why when he started the fight I obliged him.

He went into the backyard looking to win, I went into the fight looking to survive.  The boy left the yard embarrassed and never picked on me again.  Was I the toughest?  Heck no!  I still wonder how I did it!

In life, in sports, at work, in your spiritual walk and almost anything else you can think of, heart matters.  I learned those lessons from a lot of great people.

I remember running the night confidence course at Fort Dix, New Jersey while in Air Base Ground Defense School.  We had run, crawled and fought all day.  I was tired, bleeding and every ounce of my body wanted to quit.

Why didn’t I?  Because of the guy next to me who was tired, bleeding and wanted to quit.  I needed him and he needed me, no way I was going to let him down.

Isn’t the same true for all of us?  We all need someone to come along and encourage us!

David ran towards Goliath prepared for victory.  Israel needed him and even though they doubted he could do it, he had the heart.

Last Saturday my 5 year old who is on a wheelchair basketball team and our family attended a tournament.  He’s too young by the rules to play, but he sat their for 3 games patiently watching his team.  Did I mention he is 5?

The fourth game came and his team was exhausted.  They didn’t have enough players, so they asked could they start with him in the game and then they would pull him out.  You know what he did?  He went in!  He didn’t want to let his coach or his team down.

What he doesn’t know is that type of heart will carry him a long ways in life. What I’m telling you is to not give up.  The devil wants you to quit, but God knows that there’s fight in the dog…

We live in a culture that loves to define or categorize people. It’s why we see so many people being placed in subcultures among their race, ethnicity, and religion.

It is why we use the term “class” to identify people who share common interests with each other and diversity from other larger groups.

Class is also considered to be a socioeconomic category. Karl Marx, a one time leading socialist voice, once wrote in his Communist Manifesto that there are only two classes of people, “The Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie.”

A more forgotten usage of the term from a cultural perspective is in its usage as an adjective.  It’s when we state class as being something that means a high standard of behavior on behalf of a certain individual.

Using the latter of those definitions reminded me that Saturday was a “classy” day for me.  It started with wheelchair basketball for kids of the Revolution in Clayton, NC.  We were at an annual tournament when I first noticed the evidence of class.

A young player who wore the number 35 on his back went around the whole gym before the tournament began and literally shook hands, hit knuckles and gave high fives to all the rest.  I believe I caught his name as Miles.  Talent wise, Miles appeared to be one of the best three players there, but he drew my attention because of his class.

I had to leave that gym and run my oldest son to his basketball game across the county.  He played the team with the two best players in the league.  These two kids are brothers who are coached by their dad.  Shortly into the game they were destroying us!

In a world filled with the desire of greed and self promotion their dad did something that most do not.  He sat his sons down and allowed our team to keep some of the confidence they’ll later need in life.  What a classy move!

I quickly ran back to where I started the day to see the last game of our wheelchair basketball team.  I love all the kids and in my mind they all are champions.  But there is a little five year old who I call son that absolutely steals my heart.

Thankfully our team is coached by a man who understands that character and discipline are still active traits needed for anyone to succeed in a life that beats us all up from time to time.

We were down by a lot and a few minutes were left on the clock when I saw that five year old come into the game.  There was no doubt as to who the David was on the court because he was surrounded by a bunch of giants.

With time running down and under a minute left, it happened again.  A teenager on the other team with arms that looked like he spent more time on a weight machine then in a wheelchair got the rebound and took off towards his goal.

The tattoo on his upper arm could have let me buy into the stereotype that Americans have become so susceptible too, but I watched with anticipation.  His chair raced until he made a sudden move towards that helpless five year old.

Was this it?  The moment when daddy couldn’t help and had to watch a disaster?  Suddenly the giant stopped and handed the ball over to my son.  I can’t tell you much about what happened next because my eyes were blurred with tears and my emotions overwhelmed.

WHAT A CLASS ACT!  Saturday was a reminder to me that the best usage of class isn’t about what tangibles you have.  It’s more about what you have on the inside.