I Hate Family Reunions!

I love every moment I get to spend with every member of my family.  I look forward to the days we have plans to spend with my wife’s family.  I mean, I’m a true southerner that believes the most important thing you have on earth is family.


I’ll probably catch some slack for that, but before you revoke the thoughts you have of me during the one time of the year you decide to send Christmas cards highlighting your achievements, let me tell you why.

There used to be a time in the southern parts of America and maybe in the north too that families were so important to us that we were together all the time.  I remember being little and spending a majority of my time with my cousins, uncles and aunts and especially my grandparents.

As an adult I still want to be with family!  There is rarely a week that goes by that I haven’t visited with my parents, my wife’s parents or talked to one her brothers.

I mean we live in the communication era!  Of course I have a problem with family reunions.  We have email, instant messenger, cell phones, snap chat, text, social media and a host of other ways to get a hold of each other.

So why would I want to take one day out of an already hectic schedule to see people who have already shown that I’m not important enough to talk to the other 364 days a year?

Think about it, some families like my extended family offer to have a Christmas get together every year.  What happens is they are not well attended.  Why?  Because everybody else has other commitments.  Can’t blame them right?

364 days a year we don’t talk, we aren’t part of each others lives.  So why would we think that we would be priority to each other that one day?

When my son was sick my wife and I went through an emotional time.  Guess who was there?  OUR FAMILY!  Of course this includes our friends and church family.  After all, family is more than just blood related.

So why would I take from one day with the important people who are with me the other 364 days to spend one day with the people who said I wasn’t important the other 364?

Maybe it’s not family reunions I have the problem with, maybe it’s the need to have families be closer.

Yet, until I can get a real answer, I’ll continue to blame family reunions!




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