If My Dad Whines…

Social media has began to light up with pictures of everyone’s fathers in anticipation of the upcoming weekend…Father’s Day!

As common for me I’m going to abstain from the norm.  If you know me, you know I have an affinity to typically go in the opposite direction from everyone else.  This led me to examine how my parent’s must feel when I don’t follow suit.

There’s nobody in this life that has taught me more about hard work, sacrifice, how to be proud yet remain humble and that I could possibly admire anymore than my dad.

Yet we have somehow forged a relationship that very rarely warrants either of us telling each other how we feel about the other one.  Now I would quickly state that since my dad retired, he does have a propensity to point out my moral flaws!

See, I chose to post pictures of my grandfathers.  Two men that still hold a mystical resemblance to modern day superheros for me.  To me, my dad was always there and was the epitome of discipline and no fun.  Every once-in-a-while he was the guy that seemed to enjoy administering my punishment.

Then I thought about how my own two boys are exactly the same.  Today they are both with their grandfathers!  Actually they would give up a full day with me to spend 30 minutes with their grandpa’s!

My 11 year old is more than willing to ride with his “Papa Tim,” to just about anywhere.  So why with me is he so concerned about being embarrassed?  My 5 year old would rather spend an afternoon in a smelly old metal building doing projects with his “Papa” then he would to spend it in the pool with me.

It is the same for the Grandfathers.  I spent my money, picked out the Father’s Day present and will get excited to give it to the Old Man, yet my boys will get all the credit!

So I guess there is just something special between Grandfathers and Grandsons!  I’ll simply remind my boys how blessed they are to have two good Grandfathers who enjoy spending time with them.

And if my dad whines about the whole picture thing?  I’ll simply remind him he will always be my hero, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the two guys that I thought of as superheros!  Happy Father’s Day to all of you!



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