I’d Run You Over

I know the Scriptures, I know that Jesus said that nobody that puts their hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom, but I also can’t help myself from reflecting on my past.

I remember a time when I hadn’t allowed God to fill my heart.  I was pretty shrewd back then, not allowing people to run me over nor getting the upper hand.  If you got in my way, I’d run you over!

When God took over I changed.  I’m a firm believer that God loves the humble and meek.  I still have a tendency to be some what bullish and appear to have confidence.

My wife says that I have a “law enforcement look” about me and at times my appearance screams of someone trying to intimidate others.

I guess I should blame my parents, I got my wide shoulders from my dad and my wide hips from my mom!  Nothing could be further from the truth however, because I’m probably the easiest going person there is.

Matter of fact, I would tell you that when I quit running over people others started running over me!  It’s true, since I’ve been a Christian, especially a Pastor, I feel like I’ve been a doormat for people to walk over.

I wasn’t at my first pastorate 3 days before some guy decided to call my modest wife a harlot!  A harlot!  My good Southern Baptist raised wife, a harlot!

Of course there was about 15 minutes there where I wanted to lay hands on him.  The nice thing about being a Pentecostal is I could have done exactly that and called it a spiritual moment.

What I realized was that God had really changed me.  Since that time I’ve been treated unfairly by some, used by others for their own self gain, had people tell me how sorry I   am without any response from me and I’ve even been called names.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been perfect.  The last time a man threatened me with physical violence I told him exactly where I was and that it would be better for him to come and do whatever it was he thought he would do.  I figured one of us may need to repent as fast as we could!

Yep, I remember a time I wouldn’t have allowed people to run over me, but then again, I wasn’t representing an awesome savior who has shown me nothing but mercy.  After all, what’s a little suffering compared to what He did for me?




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