The Church Needs to Get Some Balls!

Pastors tell me that we can do nothing but pray about the coming times.  The political climate is bad, America has lost its moral compass and it is all part of God’s apocalyptic plan!

Maybe their right?  After all, most of the one’s I know seem more assured of themselves than I do, but I’m still willing to argue that they are only half right.

The only person that has a viable excuse for not recognizing the current moral lapse in America is the person who just woke up from being in a coma the last 8 years.  It is true, morality has seemed to have died and we’re all standing around looking for who is responsible.

Of course the church has gotten a majority of the blame!  It is said that we went down a slippery slope in the 80’s when some of the TV Evangelists got caught with their pants down.

The 90’s were no better because the church only recognized excess and traded simplicity for plush new sanctuaries and that awesome new red carpet that is now out of style!  The 2000’s ushered in a rebellion and now the church is at the center of the moral decline….so they say.

Blaming the church for the current moral condition is like blaming a farmer for a tornado!  He can only plant the crops, water them and take care of them, he can’t be responsible for something ultimately out of his hands.

American society traded hard work and learning for the lust of pleasure long ago.  Think about it, how many kids play sports on Sunday now?  Oh I know, little Johnny will get a scholarship one day and after college he’ll make some money, right!

Unfortunately only 1% of the kids will ever make it that far.  But hey, they sure are having a good time now!  What we’re left with is a generation that we are now realizing are consumed with themselves and have gotten their morality from reality TV.

Blame the church all you want, but it started in the homes with mom and dad.  I would proclaim that our willingness to put the 900 other zillion things in front of God has left us with an empty generation that lacks the moral barometer of their grandparents.

How do we fix it?  I don’t know, maybe the church needs to get some balls!  The better question may be how we can win a generation that traded the church for the pursuit of their own desires.  If you figure it out, let me know, I’m looking for exactly that answer……wait, what kind of balls did you think I meant?




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