…Go To Hell…

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”  (Matthew 6:26, KJV).

I left home a little over 24 years ago to serve my country.  I couldn’t wait to get back home to the foothills of eastern North Carolina.  Most North Carolinian’s are like me, they remember a simpler time when the breeze blew against the cotton fields or the beads of water sparkled on top of the tobacco leafs after a hard rain.

Today, North Carolina is known for something else then the beauty of the landscape that fills our environment.  Our values and culture have been decimated by the large corporate machines who hunger and thirst for greed.

Many call it a cultural shift in which the millennials want an all inclusive way of life.   The divide that has resulted leaves us in a bitter feud over House Bill 2 and the right of all of us in the usage of public bathrooms.

Of course the moral dilemma of a man using the bathroom with a little girl is at the forefront, but there is something even greater at work here.  Will corporate America and the power of the media continue to persuade our moral compass?

For years the media has quietly manipulated the American mind by utilizing the news as propaganda.  But now corporate America chimes in and rides the horse of self righteousness by firing anyone who imposes on their intent to abolish free speech.

It has filtered into avenues that nobody really saw coming, ESPN, NBA, NFL, Amazon, Ebay and many others.  These companies now believe that the power has been given to them to suppress the moral barometer of Christian belief and force their will on everyone who opposes.

Many Christians sit and argue about the greatest method of fighting these conglomerates.  Should we boycott?  March?  Fight?  Would any of these things be loving like Christ?

I remember Daniel though, he refused to eat the unclean food from the King’s table, risking his life to stand up for what he believed in.  Sounds like he boycotted and stood up to the imperial power.

Here’s where we are.  Christians can keep ignoring the current events and waiting for politicians to come along to change things while our rights continue to be taken away.  We are now the minority and must face the consequences of our own inclusiveness.

The time now warrants decisions, will you stand up and risk unemployment because of your Christian faith or will you sit down and follow the moral decline that will soon face the impending judgment of God Almighty?

The time is now and further decline will risk greater persecution.  Not only will you lose your jobs, you will face fines and imprisonment for sharing the Gospel (The Bible tells us those times are coming).

The posers, those that say they stand for the Gospel, yet trade the truth for self indulgence are being exposed.  The real church must stand up in the face of all of this evil and remember that the Church thrives when it is persecuted for their beliefs.

What will you do?  Will you sell your soul for the riches of this world and go to hell or will you give it all away having the faith that the grace you have been given is eternal?



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